Patrick Okigbo III writes,

I got into Lagos last night with OsitaChidoka to address a group of Anambra businessmen, traders and industrialists who reached out to him because they love his vision for the state and the energy behind his campaign.

We spent about 2 hours with the group explaining why he is in the race primarily to RESTORE THE IGBO VOICE IN NIGERIA. He spoke about his ideas for the state: huge investments in ICT, healthcare, real estate and agro-processing; his ideas to transform the state into a logistics hub with emphasis on human capital.

The group spoke of their interests to invest in the state but the untrustworthiness of the present government deterred them. They also expressed fears about the current military action in the South East as a subterfuge by the APC government to rig the elections in Anambra, and also the place of money in Anambra politics.

OsitaChidoka pledged to make Anambra state the most investment friendly state in Nigeria; to actualise the concept of “Akụluo ụnọ”.

Then, responding to the issue of money, he pointed to the results of the various party primaries as indication that the days of money-driven politics in Anambra State was long gone. He provided insight on the “street game” we have established in the last 2 years.

Chidoka assured them that he is the only candidate in this race without a “Godfather” rather, his fate is in the hands of God and the people of Anambra. While he solicited support from well-meaning people, he would not accept any “Onyinye Mami-Wota”.

Anyone willing to contribute to the campaigns must do it believing in him as the best candidate for Ndi-Anambra. No one should expect any undue advantages when he becomes Governor. This is the only way he can arrive at Agu-Awka without any tethers and be free to work for Ndi-Anambra.

For the elections, he spoke about the electoral reforms of the Jonathan administration that will make rigging impossible; and how the campaign intends to collate evidence to be presented in court if any mischief happens.

The excitement as we left the room, was palpable. We expect the group to reach out to their friends and families in Anambra. They promised to send us their names and phone numbers so that our campaign staff can follow up.

You too can assist. Send us names and phone numbers of REGISTERED voters. We would like to talk with them and explain this campaign to them as well.

We deserve a Governor who is not indebted to any godfathers: not in the State or in Abuja. The future of our people is at stake here. Let’s do the work now or forever hold our peace.

Taa ka bu gboo!