Have you ever had to register your business? Or tried to get govt. approval for a building construction? Or get certification for a product?

Before you embark on these things, there’s usually a caveat which says, “Abandon all hope he who enters here,” cause, brethren, you will suffer! A camel will pass through the eye of a needle sooner than you can get these things done easily.

All the waka-about, paper-shuffling, and hand-greasing will leave you tired, angry, frustrated, and penniless. It’s all part of the racketeering system going on in our Nigerian govt offices.

Many times, these problems are blamed on the policy at play, but when you critically study some of these problems, you’ll see it is not exactly a deficiency of good govt. policies. We actually do have brilliant policies here. The issue is with the implementation of these policies; that’s what empowers racketeers in the system.

You see, Nigeria needs men who understands the system and how septic it is; men who understands the need to Nigeria-proof policies before they can be fully implemented; men who possess not just the brain-smart to innovate, but the will to follow through as well.

This is where Osita Chidoka comes in.

While he was at FRSC; after he introduced the Biometric drivers’ license system, and people who benefited from the old system were looking for loopholes to beat the new system, he partnered with a software company called SAP Solutions to develop a Business Intelligence Software (BIS). Basically, the software was a data-management software that optimized complex data, and made quick and accurate decisions based on its report.

With the software, they were able to locate hidden irregularities about driver’s license and plate numbers; locate commands and deployments that weren’t effective; monitor the frequency of road accidents, and realigned their operational tactics accordingly.

The system was so smooth, the then Vice-President of Ghana invited him to Accra to show them how he did it; likewise the city of Cape Town in South Africa.

The man transformed the Corps from a mere road activity to an intelligence-led activity, and successfully blocked out the racketeers. Till date, those investments are still active.

Progressive, strong-willed ideas like this and more, are what we need in government. He’s asking for support to bring this ideas home to Anambra State. It will be our loss if we don’t give him the mandate.

This is a referendum on our future. We can’t waste it. We just can’t.