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The Flagoff gathering which held at Amorka in Ihiala Local Government Area of the state was inundated by different groups, personalities and representatives of Anambra.

A youth organization has announced its full support for the former minister of aviation, Osita Chidoka – The group said it has become clear that only Chidoka and his party can represent the interest and welfare of the people of Anambra state – The group said the stance taken by Chidoka during the crisis between the military and members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) shows he is a true leader – Euphemia Udanoh

“Most successful Leaders are more concerned about Character than Reputation, because Character is what you really are, while your Reputation is merely what others think you are” – Osita Chidoka

However, the mark of excellence in him is not something that actually started today; instead, it has been there right from his childhood! As a student of Union Boys, the young Chidoka was appointed Deputy Senior Prefect by the school authority. As a serving corps member, he emerged the best corper in the entire Federal Capital Territory (FCT) in 1996. – The Nigerian Voice