Erstwhile Minister of Aviation and front line contender on November 18, 2017, Anambra governorship decision Chief Osita Chidoka, said that the time has come for Anambra State to have an administration that isn’t apprehensive yet intense and sufficiently intrepid to stand up for the general population and shield them against baseless animosity.

“Our kin can never again keep on agonizing under pioneers who are reluctant to stand up for them when it makes a difference and who are hesitant to relate to the feelings and perspectives of the general population even in a majority rule government. its about time for Anambra state to have an administration that is run by people who are not apprehensive but rather sufficiently standing up for the people and guard them despite unjustifiable animosity,” he said.

Chief Chidoka demanded the state must put down laws and set tenets to shield the general population from all types of hostilities including attacks by herders including that anyone discovered damaging the principles will be brought to book.

Likewise last Saturday, Chief Chidoka similarly authorized his campaign office in Anambra East Local Government, Elder Paul Oforka said the general population of Anambra East trust that he has the ability, trustworthiness and good judgment to amend the wrongs perpetrated in the state over the most recent four years.