United Progressive Party, UPP governorship candidate in Anambra State, Chief Osita Chidoka, yesterday declared that Igbo pursuit for self determination should not be equalled to terrorism saying he would as governor pursue the creation of a sixth state in the Southeast.

Speaking at the flag-off of his campaign in Uli, Ihiala, Anambra State, Chidoka recalled the role the town played as an air base at the peak of the Biafran war as he paid tribute to all those who died in the quest to build Nigeria. Chief Osita Chidoka, rebuffing insinuations that the call for self determination is terrorism, he said: “We cannot build a great nation without unity at home. We cannot be a nation where people are hated, branded and then hounded and ostracized. We stand here to declare that there are no terrorists in our state; there are no terrorists in our region and we do not feel terrorized as a people. Indeed, without further argument, we do not believe that those who are asking for a restructured Nigeria or even for dismemberment of Nigeria are terrorists.  No! They are not.“How can Igbos be terrorists? We have always actively participated in the Nigerian project, yet in this country, we have suffered since June 1945 British inspired ethnic violence, nineteen incidents of pogroms, wanton killings, and violence against our people living across the country. “We are only asking for a fairer union; a union founded on justice, equity and fairness. A union where Emeka living and schooling in Kebbi, will not be judged as an Anambra indigene at the point of admission. The standard for Ahmed, who grew and schooled in Onitsha, should not be lowered because he is from Kebbi. We will advocate the abolishing of State of origin as a category of identification and replace with state of residence.

“On May 29 2015 the President swore to the oath of office of President of Nigeria, where he swore that  He “will do right to all manner of people, according to law, without fear or favour, affection or ill-will;”.  Mr. President now is the time to embrace history, heal the land. Become the father of the new Nigeria. History beckons. The alternative to peaceful engagement is too costly.

“We cannot live in a country where people are repressed and citizens constantly misunderstand and mistrust one another. No! That is not the way to go. We need new understanding and peace and I, Osita Chidoka, today steps forth to appeal to ndË Anambra to work with me to not only rebuild our state but also re-engage the Nigerian state,”he said.