Back In 2007, when the appointment of Osita Chidoka as the new Corps Marshall of Federal Road Safety Commission made the rounds, it was greeted with protests from some quarters. Their anger? That the appointment of a thirty-six year old boy, a greenhorn and a stranger into such a high position was outlandish, irresponsible and deserved to be reversed.

His qualifications (Degrees in Transport Policy, Logistics, and Road Safety matters) were not convincing enough to these naysayers. All they were worried about was his age and experience. Thankfully, the Yaradua administration, paying heed to that old saying of the Kegites Club, that “the age of Methuselah has nothing to do with the wisdom of Solomon” did not listen to them.

His appointment was approved. Immediately, he hit the ground running. And eight years down the line, his success surpassed the expectations of those naysayers, despite the challenges he faced in the septic environment of the Nigerian civil service.

Since he declared his intentions to contest for the Anambra Governorship seat, those voices are back again. This time, it is not just his youth and experience that is being questioned, but that of his party (UPP) as well. They believe his ambition is dead on arrival because his party has no prior existing structure in the state.

Yesterday, they were proved wrong once again. The huge crowd that turned out at Uli in solidarity with UPP and Osita Chidoka, passed a clear message to these naysayers: That the era of gerontocracy is long gone; that the times when old men in big parties who are out of touch with reality, decided the people’s fate is past; that the “youth are the leaders of tomorrow” cliche is no longer a mirage; that the youths are now ready to take back their state!

This huge turnout yesterday is a testament that Anambra people are seeing through this cynicism against Chidoka’s ambition as what it is – a replay and continuation of the continuous struggle for dominance between light and darkness, good and evil, the positive and negative, progression and retrogression, and the young and the old.

So for those who still thinks he has no chance, you are living in the old world. Wake up and smell the coffee. The Tiger is coming, and you better not be in It’s path.

This election will be a test between the old and the new. A test between a stakeholders approach to politics and a mass approach to politics.

A test between the age of Methuselah and the wisdom of Solomon.

Ndi Anambra will decide.