In the last four years in Anambra State, the government has executed a good number of projects that had little or no socio-economic impact for the citizens they were meant for. One then wonders – What was the point of these projects if the people haven’t benefited from them? Apparently, the government did not consider the needs, the demographics, the environment, even the behavioural patterns of citizens before embarking on these projects. Basically, they did not take any data or map out any blueprint before going ahead with these projects.

This is what Osita Chidoka, among other ills, has come to change. Any keen observer of his career since his days at FRSC, would attest to this work ethic about him – his judicious use of data-driven information to make decisions. He understands the need to have quantifiable proof of situations before taking decisions, hence the huge investments he made in ICT at FRSC and Ministry of Aviation. He never acted on assumptions, emotions or rancor when making critical decisions.

Thus, all the successes he had, the improvements he made in these organizations he led, weren’t random acts of improvement. They were clear-sighted focused acts of improvement. He knew what he wanted and how to get it done!

That is the attitude he is bringing to Anambra State as Governor. He and his team has worked out a strategic blueprint with a four step pyramid of Knowledge, Vision, Execution and Sustainability (KNVES). The plan will be anchored on a program philosophy of Monitor, Measure and Improve.

It goes beyond the “what” and tries to discover the “why” and “how.”

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