Education in Nigeria remains one of the most underdeveloped sectors of our country. Schools are still grounded by strike, the reading culture is being overtaken by social media, and educational excellence has become a rare commodity. Anambra State in particular has seen a major crash in her quality of education in the last few years. This is not right. It has to change.

We must make a quantum leap in restructuring our educational system from being a mere box for student gathering, to a citadel of value and innovation. That is the sincere promise of an Osita Chidoka leadership. That Anambra State can lead the way in transforming education in Nigeria into a world class model, producing graduates capable of creating an emerging economy that will compete globally.

In this video, he explains, with his strategic Four-Step dimensional Pyramid of Knowledge, Vision, Execution and Sustainability (KNVES), how he plans to lead these changes, and remodel education as a culture that will flourish creativity and innovation at every level of society.

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