The safety and security of lives and properties has always been the top priority of any political leadership hoping to safeguard the interests of It’s citizens and increase the pool of investors attracted to the state.

In Anambra State over the years, there has been a dearth of investors. But it is not that the present leadership paid less attention to this issue. It is because Anambra has entered a special stage with historical opportunities for its development, and security issues have become increasingly complicated.

Investors in the state must perceive a sense of an astute security apparatus before they can invest. Hence, there is a need to make reforms that target not just the symptoms but also the root causes of security threats.

Osita Chidoka in this video, with his top-level mechanism of Four-Step Pyramid of Knowledge, Vision, Execution and Sustainability (KNVES), depicts how he plans to coordinate the efforts of security operatives in Anambra State. This will not only attract the necessary investors to the state, but most importantly, safeguard it’s citizens.

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