Today at the All Saints Cathedral, Diocese on the Niger, front line contender in the November 18, Anambra gubernatorial elections and the candidate of the United Progressive Party (UPP), Chief Osita Chidoka addresses the clergy during a brief session on leadership.

He highlights three key qualities of a leader:

> A leader has to have a SMART plan.

> A leader has to monitor, measure and improve (M2I) as he works.

> All your successes as a leader are null if you do not have a good successor. Every leader has to have an efficient and effective succession plan.

It was an enlightening session and the participants agreed that it was loaded with nuggets which though taken from Chief Osita’s experience as a seasoned administrator both at the FRSC and the MOA, were applicable to their functions as clergymen.

They thanked him for sharing with them from his vast repertoire of knowledge and experience, and prayed that he gets the opportunity to reach a wider circle who would benefit immensely from his administrative skills.