All over the world, more and more towns and communities are morphing into cities, creating and managing urban, transport and infrastructural development. They are building sustainable cities that will deliver the energy, water, transport and public requirements its people need to survive and thrive.
Anambra State, sadly has not shared in this urbanization progression. The state has remained largely rural, limiting the economic power and investment ambitions attracted to the state. This needs to change. Anambra State can become that state myriads of people from different social and cultural centres can thrive.
To successfully position the state as the, our towns need a “buzz” and an aesthetic lure. It is not purely about their function. It is about creating spaces that people choose to live and visit, spaces that are by their nature homes to innovation and enterprise; cities that will allow existing businesses to deliver their strategy and grow with both the culture and amenities to attract and retain the best talent.
All of this requires a leadership that will ensure infrastructure is not developed in isolation or as a proxy for progress, but as part of sustainable economic development in which cities play an increasingly important role.


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