The civil service is the institution which drives the activities of government, all over the world. It is the major establishment used by government to implement its policies, programmes and plans. It is the engine room of governance. Hence, for any government to do well, it must be backed by a virile and visionary public service.

Going by the very obvious direct relationship between good governance and a virile and visionary civil service, no government anywhere in the world has ever surmounted the enormous task of turning the fortune of its nation around without resort to fundamental reform of its civil service.

So it is imperative that we must employ better efficiency in our public sector. We must charge and empower our public servants to strive for continuous improvement at their level, no matter where they may stand, so that productivity and efficiency can be enhanced.

It goes beyond checking expenditures and paying salaries, and alludes to the entire process of turning public money into positive outcomes for individuals and society. It means thinking about how government funds, designs and delivers frontline services to its citizens.