In a heavy convoy of UPP stalwarts and faithfuls, Chief Osita Chidoka led the UPP Campaign Train to Anyamelum Local Government Area, to hundreds of cheering supporters who left their businesses and came out to receive him.

As he stepped off his car at the venue of the rally, the crowd erupted in thunderous applause. Strains of music and chants of ‘Ike Obosi’ filled the air as he, in company of his wife and other party leaders made their way to the canopy erected for them. When it came his turn to address the crowd, it was simply phenomenal. The crowd was wildly enthusiastic throughout his short speech.

‘Is there any terrorist here?’ he asked. There came a loud emphatic ‘No!” Then to a burst of applause, he declared: “So we will tell them to take their brooms and their python dance back to wherever they came from!” The crowd fired up again in applause. It was glorious.

Then he also reassured the crowd of his commitment to create employment for the youths.

‘Once we win this election and get into the government house, 1700 Anambra graduates will be employed immediately. I know how to create jobs. When I was at Road Safety, the agency had 9,000 officers, but by the time I left, they increased to 20, 000. I employed 11,000 people. When I get into government, it is not only government that will employ people. I will attract private companies that will employ our children.’

He lauded the agricultural resolve and tenacity of the Anyamelum people, and promised to build better roads to aid them in transporting their farm produce. He made a commitment to rebuild their bridge which was built over 38 years ago and no longer motorable. He also promised to develop a free healthcare delivery scheme for Anambra women once he resumes office.

Then he asked the crowd, ‘Are we going to allow a chicken to stay at Agu-Awka?’ ‘Agu-Awka is meant for Agu, not Okuko. Okuko is meant to be eaten at Christmas period. To those with brooms, we will use it and sweep them and their python dance back to where they came from. And to those carrying umbrellas everywhere, we will tell them that the rainy season is over, so they can go back with their umbrellas.”

Finally, he charged the people of Anyamelum to vote for UPP; to vote for Isiagu, the symbol of Igbo heritage. A vote for UPP is a vote for Igbo referendum; its a vote for Igbo independence against marauders, looters and plunderers who do not want the progress of Ndi Anambra!

As he left the town to visit other places, any honest observer could literally feel the “light” out of “darkness” excitement that was running through Anyamelum. The people found a hero and a liberator in Osita Chidoka. And come November 18th, they will make their voices known!