Since the campaigns began, Osita Chidoka has hardly paused or rested. He has been jetting from place to place, speeding from town to town, racing against the clock on a resilient journey of ushering in a new Anambra and a revived Igbo Identity.


Kicking off the campaign trail today, he led the UPP Campaign Train to first visit the Traditional Ruler of Ogbunike, His Majesty, Igwe Umenyiora, to pay his respects and receive royal blessings. The Igwe received them warmly and wholeheartedly bestowed his blessings on him.


From the Igwe’s palace, the campaign train moved on to Odoakpu in Onitsha South Local Government Area, where he delivered his message with the fervor of a man who is confident in his articulateness and with the joy of one who has watched his support base around the state skyrocket over the last few days.


And the message has remained the same; that the Igbo nation can reclaim it’s place in the Nigerian scheme of things; that they would no longer be the brunt of any injustice whatsoever; that Ndi Anambra will no longer suffer the incompetence of a government; that whoever you are in Anambra State, and wherever you come from, your dreams are valid.


Soaked up with the warm sun on the school field of Community Central School, Odoakpu, and breathing in the cheerful energy of the crowd of supporters present, Osita Chidoka assured them of his commitment to service, and implored them to remain optimistic in his plans for them.

Reeling in the sincerity of purpose, direction and motivation that Osita Chidoka represents, and in the belief he embodies that Ndi Anambra can once more believe in her politicians, the crowd assured him of their votes come November 18th.