A cheering crowd of people swarmed out to receive Chidoka and the UPP Campaign Train as they made a campaign appearance at Uga in Aguata Local Government Area. Drawing strong contrasts with contestants of the other parties, Chidoka (Ike Obosi) as usual, vowed to restore and protect the Igbo voice in Nigeria.



This is a very important election, he assured the audiences over and again. The stakes, he said, could not be higher. “Our future, the future of our children, the future of Anambra State, and the future of the Igbo nation is at stake here. We must do everything within our power to protect it,” he charged them.



He also renewed his call to pursue sustainable policies, and attract more industries that would bring more jobs to Ndi Anambra, train workers for the demands of changing technology, and ensure that workers can earn enough to escape poverty. Then he also spent much of the speech discussing some of his education proposals, and how it can help young people get better quality education that will prime them sufficiently to tackle future challenges. He also reiterated his promise to make Anambra a leader in healthcare delivery, not just develop the quality of healthcare offered to Ndi Anambra, but make it cost-effective as well. On that note, he challenged the people of Uga to come out on November 18th and vote for UPP in their great numbers.


The rally attracted some very interesting highlights, one of which was the defection of a group of people from the ruling party, the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) to UPP. According to them, they were moved to join the party because their dreams and aspirations were in alignment with the party’s manifesto to restore and protect the Igbo voice in Nigeria. They promised to throw their weight behind Chidoka and support his journey to create a new and refined Anambra State. The UPP family welcomed them, and reiterated their promise to deliver on the promises they made with Ndi Anambra.