So far in this Anambra election campaign, the dashing candidate of the United Progressive Party (UPP), Osita Chidoka is continuously creating a wave of excitement and hope wherever he visits – a seemingly impossible feat in the midst of an election field bustling with bigger parties with bigger funds.

There is this “Chidoka effect” that has permeated the Anambra political space.

This effect has been dynamic, titillating, and contagious in its energy and grassroots enthusiasm.

It’s been clear to Ndi Anambra from the onset that the emergence of Osita Chidoka will bring about a different style of leadership in the state. Indeed, it says a good deal about his charismatic efforts that the common everyday person on the street, even a class of the elite has accepted his message of hope.

Renowned for his tech-savvy, accountable, result-oriented, conciliatory and empathetic leadership style, he has made a point of restoring and protecting the lost glory of Ndi Igbo in general, and Anambra in particular.

Chidoka’s extensive leadership background, personal magnetism and obvious intellectual and practical leadership strengths is a force to reckon with in this election; and he, alongside his running mate, Marcel Okeke and a team of other visionary brains, has brought these intellectual strengths to bear in mapping out a blueprint for the strategic development of Anambra State.

This blueprint brings together Chidoka’s proposals to support the human and material resources of Anambra State, so the people can see clearly where he and his team stand on fundamental issues affecting the state.

But meanwhile, there is the hope that this 19-page PDF document filled with bullet points and visions will spark up a dialogue and encourage readers to get in touch with the UPP campaign and share their thoughts on the policies outlined inside.

Together, we can make Anambra work!