USAID 2013 study revealed wide Human Resource gap in Health. Our further assessment in 2017 showed wider gap. Anambra State needs 442 Trained Health Workers to close the 2013 gap. In 2017 we need over 500 to meet the national standard. Anambra needs a government that works the details and focused on human development. Vote UPP on November 18 to make our state surpass national standards and aim at global standards.

See our key initiatives in Urban Planning. Our Blueprint for Development is a solemn covenant to rebuild, regenerate and revamp our cities.

We can’t afford delay in urgently closing the gaps identified in 2010 in our education sector. Current random assessment shows little progress. We need new thinking, new strategies and new energy to change the story. To read the summary of our manifesto visit…/uplo…/2017/11/Manifesto.pdf