From Nnokwa, we move on to Nnobi where the large turnout once again attests to the people’s desire for a positive change in administration of the affairs of Anambra State.

The message once again, is loud and clear.


On the 18th of November, come out and vote without fear, for the one party that is ready, willing and able to clearly articulate the Igbo needs and aspirations and ensure a restoration of the Igbo voice in Nigeria.

That party, is the United Progressive Party (UPP), party isi agu.

Ahead of the November 18th Anambra gubernatorial elections, we are moving into all the local government areas in Anambra, meeting with our supporters and the people of the wards and communities, talking to the party structure and stakeholders, and then engaging with the community leaders and gatekeepers.

Daily, the numbers are growing and the response is amazing. The people know what they want and what they want right now, is a change for the better. Their yearning for a better Anambra is becoming loud and Clear.